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The purpose of Politkid is to get children and young people more interested in politics through improving their KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS.

It all starts with the FACTS. Who, what, where, when, how….

The “Why” comes later 🙂

Once you feel you know a bit about the facts, you can start exploring ‘Why” with more confidence. And crucially, how the WHY affects YOU and the people around you.

Why is that person in charge?
Why have they chosen to talk about that issue but not this one?o
Why is this happening in their town but not mine?
Why did that happen last year but not this year?
Why did it have to happen that way and not this way….and can’t we change it?

And that’s politics. Well, in my book anyway.

The constant theories, questions and arguments can be confusing. All these politicians sound (and often look) the same, which makes it worse. But learn the facts first and it will help you get through all the white noise, allowing you to make an informed opinion on whatever issue affects you. And then you can support those who have the same opinions and start changing the world 🙂