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What’s happening?

A basic summary of what is discussed i Parliament as well (its actually more interesting than you think!)

All info taken from hansard

Feb 9th

Commons Debate on

– The future of Channel 4 on your telly (and S4C in Wales)
– Support for brass bands nationwide (toot toot!)
– what happens to our creative industries (like fashion and music) after we leave EU
– access for disabled people in football stadiums
– providing super fast broadband to EVERYONE!
– Keeping local libraries open
– Fair trading with developing countries , for example coffee in West Africa
– The UK space sector!
– Increasing trade with Taiwan, New Zealand and Cornwall
– How the FA is governed
– Israel and Palestine
– Nursery school funding for 3 and 4 year olds in Walsall
– A Holocaust Memorial Museum in UK like in USA and other countries